It is currently no longer possible to schedule an appointment. New dates will be available as soon as possible.

Recently you’ve requested a new iPhone through the IBM iPhone plan. Good news: your iPhone is ready to be collected and therefore we would like you to create an appointment to pick it up!
At this moment, the following date is available: August 10th. Your iPhone will be ready for you at the HDK Forum in Amsterdam (ground floor)

When planning an appointment, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Choose a timeslot only if you are sure it suits you
  • Sign in with your first and last name
  • Please use your IBM mobile number (06xxxxxxxx)
  • Make sure to use your IBM email address when filling in the form.

Please keep the following in mind when you pick up your iPhone:

  • You’ll not be able to pick up an iPhone for your colleagues
  • Your iPhone will be handed over after you’ve identified yourself with your   badge and you’ve signed a release form
  • There will be a separate desk to transfer your mobile number to a new SIM card, if needed
  • An Apple ID is not required but has several advantages, see for more information and guidance
  • Are you on vacation during this available date? No problem, more dates are coming! More information will be available soon.

Ensure to stick to your allotted slot as only the iPhones that will be rolled out that day will be in stock and available for delivery. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment.

Any questions? Please contact

See you soon!

Best regards,

IBM & Teleplan Communications B.V.